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Raman Spectrometer

The Raman-Spectrometer MA-RBE-V02 is a modern, fully motorized Raman device with an integrated high-resolution grating spectrometer.

Raman Spectroscopy is a non-destructive analysis method, which is be used to reliably identify a variety of materials within minutes.

The device is usable for a variety of purposes, but is especially optimized for analyzing and identifying mineral samples. Even though it was designed without compromising on performance, we are offering the system for a very competitive price.

Features and technical details:

Further details can be found on the Spectrometer page.

Analysis software for Raman Spectra

For customers already owning a Raman system, or customers who want to analyze Raman spectra from a different source, we offer the data analysis module from our spectrometer's operating software as separate module. With it, you can open, process and export Raman spectra in various formats.

The analysis module included in the system's operating software can also be purchased as a separate application, and can be used to analyze Raman spectra from any source.

Features and technical details:

Further details can be found on the Software page.


Concept and software development for the Raman system were done in our small family business. The hardware was developed in collaboration with our partner Stonemaster, which has been known for years as a developer and distributor of precision devices in micro-photography. Assembly and sale of the Raman system is done by Stonemaster uG.

Originally, the Raman system was developed in 2016 for identifying mineral samples. After the sale of several devices to multiple customers, it is now reaching other areas of application as well.