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The Raman-Spectrometer MA-RBE-V02 is a modern, fully motorized, user-friendly Raman device with an integrated microscope.

Watch the one-minute introduction video to get an overview of the device!

Specification and Features

The Raman system is as a standard equipped with a high-resolution grating spectrometer, a single-mode laser with 532 nm wavelength, a cooled detector camera and a visual imaging feature.

Operating software

The operating software, specifically designed for this system, allows comfortable and easy operation, as well as detailled organization of the acquired data.

The software contains, among other things, the Analysis module as detailed under Analysis Software. Other noteworthy functionality includes:

Imaging function

In addition to recording Raman spectra, the device also provides a high-resolution color image of the analyzed location on the sample.

This is very useful for choosing the right spot to perform a measurement, and helps archiving the acquired data as well.

Motorized 3-axis sample table

With the motorized 3-axis sample table (Option), the sample can be positioned easily and precisely using the computer.

Additionally, Raman images can be created with this module, by rasterizing the sample.

Raman imaging feature

In addition to performing Raman measurements at specific points, the automated sample table can generate high-resolution Raman images, with one Raman spectrum per pixel, in minutes.

First, a visual image of the sample is acquired.

Then, repeated measurements are preformed at regular points, such that a Raman image is obtained. At each raster point, a Raman spectrum is available.

These images can be analyzed, colorized and interpolated using different algorithms.

Price and Ordering

Depending on the configuration of the system, the total price can vary, so please don't hesitate to contact us.

Mechanical Data

Dimensions: 110 cm × 38 cm × 22 cm
Weight: approx. 40 kg (both modules together)


Further information is provided in the data sheet and user manual for the device, which you can get on the Downloads page.