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You are interested in our products, or something is unclear? We will gladly answer your questions by phone or e-mail, offer individual consulting, or organize a real-world demonstration of the system for you.

Buy / Rent options

You are interested in our device? We will gladly send you a quotation or price information for your desired configuration.

Besides buying the device for fixed price, we also offer the option to rent the device for a monthly fee.

Your options to contact us

Call us: 0049 176 / 5514 3117

Or write an e-mail, we will gladly call you back:


Brauch Analytische Geräte GmbH
Oberer Panoramaweg 6
76593 Gernsbach


Have a look at the product sheet for our Raman system, or skip through the user manual to get a first impression of how the system works in practice. You can also freely download a demo version of our software for testing.



You can download a demo version of the Raman Analysis software here free of charge, and test it as much as you like with the included sample spectra. For obtaining a license allowing you to analyze your own data, please contact us via email at